Can you do one off jobs?

Getting your house ready for sale? Need a spruce up for a special occasion or has it just got out of hand? Happy to come and give you a free quote.

Is my garden too big?

We manage gardens of any size and type, let us come and have a look at what your garden needs.

Is my garden too small?

No, we work on an hourly basis, and we’ve even tidy pot plants for people that needed a hand.

How much does it cost to do my garden?

Well that depends on the size and complexity of the garden as well as what you’re wanting us to do. We are happy to come and have a look at your garden to estimate a price depending if your property is within our service area.

Do you mow lawns?

We do not specialise in lawn mowing, however we can mow your lawn as a part of regular garden maintenance. We are happy to come and assess your maintenance needs.

Do you work in the rain?

Yes we do, depending on the severity of the weather. We want to make sure your garden stays beautiful and don’t want to ruin your lawn when it’s too wet and muddy to walk on.

Do I need to be home?

As long as we can gain access, this can happen while you’re out and about.

I have pets, is this an issue?

Not an issue. Depending on your pet it may pay to let us know. We do use high powered tools so where possible we ask that you keep your pets inside if this is an issue for them. We do not pick up animal poop as part of our maintenance.

Will you remind me when you’re coming?

We’re happy to send you txt or email reminders if you like.

How frequently does my garden needs to be maintained?

We recommend a monthly visit to keep on top of things as the longer it’s left the bigger the job gets. However we can work around your needs.